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Functional fertilizer: What needs does functional fertilizer meet?

Functional fertilizers meet four needs:

First, we will meet the needs of farmers. High yield, harvest and high quality are farmers' wishes. Functional fertilizer is on the basis of traditional fertilizer added many auxiliary functions, and this auxiliary function can make up for the gap between the barrel body, so that crop yield, quality can be greatly improved.

Second, to meet social needs. This society needs green and safe food, which solves the problems of pesticide and fertilizer harm in soil, and functional fertilizer can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, to achieve the purpose of green and safe.

Third, dealer demand. In traditional agricultural endowment product market competition is increasingly fierce today, new function fertilizer already pulled the dealer from the Black sea to the blue sea, reduced the competition of homogenization and homogenization.

Fourth, the needs of enterprise development. The development of functional fertilizers provides a broader platform for enterprises. China's medium-sized enterprises, energy - based, resource-based enterprises, the future of homogenized products and large-scale traditional chemical fertilizer enterprises are impossible to contend. And functional fertilizer can create conditions for us, but also give us these medium-sized enterprises a very broad space for development.

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