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Brand Strength

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Bring together plastic modification scientific research talents, with 30 years of industry experience engineer team
According to ISO9001:2008, national standard and American standard to establish their own products and service standards
With domestic and foreign numerous strength manufacturers strong cooperation

Product Strength

Product Strength 02

Modified PC field engineers refined formula for many years, and constantly developed high-performance new products.
Provide free proofing, samples can be customized to meet your needs in all directions.
Products through SGS, CQC, UL international environmental protection certification in line with the Eu standards.

Production Strength

Production Strength 03

Imported 4 German production lines, the monthly output of 800 tons/month
Customized modified products take 2 days to sample, 3-5 days for quick delivery
Flexible and efficient production, according to the management strategy, cost savings up to 10%

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance 04

Select brand raw material suppliers and control quality from the source.
A full set of imported testing equipment, capable quality inspection technical team.
Each batch of products is thoroughly tested and detailed test data reports are provided.

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Xingtai Ruijin Import and Export Co. LTD covers an area of more than 100 mu with a total construction area of 27000 square meters. It mainly builds production w...