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NPK water soluble fertilizer


1 l * 12 bottles of 5 l * 4 barrels

Technical indicators:

Calcium 185 g/L or higher

Increase yield, improve quality, calcium phosphate solubilization

Calcium gluconate is specially added

The gran fu chelation technique was used to activate calcium ions effectively and break the antagonism between phosphorus and calcium.

With fast wetting, strong penetration.

Product features:

1. Disease prevention effect: effectively prevent fruit cracking, reduce physiological fruit drop, reduce malformed fruit, promote fruit enlargement; It can also prevent physical diseases such as bitter pox, water heart disease, black heart disease, dry heartburn, fruit cracking, hollow disease, umbilical rot and wilting disease.

2. Improve quality and shelf life. It can increase fruit coloring, increase sugar content, prolong crop storage period and significantly increase crop quality.

3. This product adopts special chelation technology, which can be used with phosphate fertilizer at the same time to break the antagonism of phosphorus and calcium and activate the antagonistic phosphorus and calcium in the soil.

4. Fast wetting, strong penetration, spray two hours after the rain, no need to apply.


1. Spray: dilute 1000-2000 times and spray on leaves, and spray 2-3 times during the period of rapid crop growth.

2. Flushing application: 5L/ mu. It works best with a large number of elements.

3. Spray 1-2 times each in young fruit stage and fruit expansion stage of fruit tree crops. Spraying after bagging does not affect fertilizer efficiency.

4. Spray the fruits and vegetables continuously for 2-4 times in the fruiting period, once every 7-10 days.



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