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NPK Fertilizer


1L 200ml

Technical indicators:

Zinc or 300 g/L

Prevent lobular, promote growth, increase yield

Jinsobu-zinc power is a sugar alcohol chelated liquid zinc fertilizer.

Zinc gluconate was specially added, and grantrich chelation technology was used in The UK.

With rapid wetting, strong penetration and other effects.

Prevent stunted plants with yellow leaflets.

Product features:

1. This product does not contain hormone, does not harm the leaf, does not stimulate the effect, the leaf surface absorption efficiency is high, fast.

2. Can effectively prevent crop due to zinc deficiency caused by poor growth, leaflets, yellow leaves, small plants, premature aging and fruit quality decline phenomenon.

3. This product has synergistic effect on other fertilizers, increasing the photosynthetic efficiency of crops, promoting plant development and improving plant resilience.


It can be applied in all periods of crops, diluted 1000-1500 times and sprayed on leaves, and the crop growth cycle is 1-2 times. It is recommended to spray before 9 a.m. or after 4 p.m., and spray 2 hours after the rain, no need to spray.



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