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What is the functional action of organic fertilizer?

What are the advantages of organic fertilizer?

1 Compared with fertilizers:

1. Bio-organic fertilizer is complete with nutrients. There is only one or several fertilizer nutrients.

Bio-organic fertilizer can improve soil. Constant use of fertilizer hardens the soil.

3 Bio-organic fertilizer can improve product quality. Too much use of chemical fertilizer will make the products inferior.

4. Bio-organic fertilizer can improve crop rhizosphere microflora and plant disease resistance. Chemical fertilizer is a single crop microbial community, easy to produce pests and diseases.

5 bio-organic fertilizer can promote the utilization of chemical fertilizer and improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer. The use of fertilizer alone can easily result in nutrient fixation and loss.

2 Compared with refined:

Refined organic fertilizers are commercial organic fertilizers that are packaged and sold after the waste of livestock and poultry is dried and crushed.

Bio-organic fertilizer is fully mature, does not burn roots, not rotten seedlings. Refined organic fertilizer will not rot, rot in the soil after direct use, can cause the phenomenon of burning seedlings.

Bio-organic fertilizer can kill most pathogens and eggs and reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests when it is mature at high temperature. Refined organic manure does not corrode and attracts underground pests when it rots in the soil.

3. Beneficial bacteria were added to bio-organic fertilizer to reduce the occurrence of diseases. The refined organic fertilizer is dried at high temperatures, killing all the microbes in it.

4. High nutrient content of bio-organic fertilizer. High temperature treatment of refined organic fertilizer results in nutrient loss.

5 deodorant, light odor, almost no odor of biological organic fertilizer; Refined organic fertilizer does not go through deodorization, moisture will come back to stink.

3 Fertilizer for farmers:


The mortality rate of eggs reached more than 95% when bio-organic fertilizer was fully mature. Farmer fertilizer pile is simple, the mortality rate of worm egg is low.

2 biological organic fertilizer odorless; Farm manure stinks.

3. Biological organic fertilizer is easy to use and uniform. Farm fertilizer application is not convenient, fertilizer application is uneven.

4 and biological bacterial fertilizer:


1 bio-organic fertilizer is cheap at around 1,000 won per ton. Biological bacteria agent is expensive, thousands of yuan per ton.

Bioorganic fertilizer contains functional bacteria and organic matter, which can improve soil and promote the release of soil fixed nutrients. Biological bacterial fertilizer only contains functional bacteria, which can promote the utilization of soil fixed fertilizer.

The organic matter of bio-organic fertilizer itself is the environment for the survival of functional bacteria, which is easy to survive after being spread on the soil. Functional bacteria in microbial fertilizer may not be suitable for some soil environments.

What is the functional action of organic fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer commonly known as farm manure, refers to a large number of biological substances, animal and plant residues, feces, biological waste and other materials slow effect fertilizer. Organic fertilizer not only contains a large number of elements and trace elements required by plants, but also contains rich organic nutrients. Organic fertilizer is the most comprehensive fertilizer. The role of organic fertilizer in agricultural production is mainly shown in the following aspects.

First, to improve the soil and develop fertile intelligence. After the organic fertilizer enters the soil, the organic matter can effectively improve the physical and chemical state and biological characteristics of the soil, mature the soil, enhance the fertilizer supply capacity and buffer capacity of the soil, and create good soil conditions for the growth of crops. Second, increase output and improve quality. Organic fertilizers are rich in organic matter and various nutrients and provide nutrition for crops. After the decomposition of organic fertilizer, it can provide energy and nutrients for soil microbial activities, promote microbial activities, accelerate the decomposition of organic materials, active substances, etc., can promote crop growth, improve the quality of agricultural products.



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