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Ammonium sulphate


1L 200ml

Promote flower and fruit, sugar and color

P2O5:300g/L K2O:400g/L


Product features

1, the use of high-quality raw materials, safe and reliable for crops. High absorption efficiency, fast absorption speed, can quickly supplement phosphorus and potassium nutrition.

2, promote photosynthesis, accelerate the accumulation of nutrients, leaf hypertrophy dark green, promote root development, strong plant, enhance stress resistance.

3. Quickly supplement the nutrition of flower buds, strengthen flower buds, improve fruit setting rate, prevent flowers from being false, and protect flowers and fruits.

4, rapid expansion, improve coloring, increase sweetness, improve commodity rate, promote the fruit to mature in advance, enhance the fruit storage resistance, early listing.


1, suitable for mango, citrus, grape, banana, dragon fruit, apple, peach, pear, cherry, cucumber, tomato and other fruit trees and melons and vegetables crops.

2, the use of leaf spray or root irrigation, the use of time should be combined with local crops and climate environment flexibly master or according to the technical teacher guidance method.

3, spray: dilute 1500 and 2000 times liquid spray leaf, no water is the best. It can be used alone or with other fertilizers.



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